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Hi everybody, I’m back for my third and final blog assignment! We had the opportunity to attend a super fun event, it was organized by Miss Teenage Canada and all of the sponsors this week.
We basically got spoiled, and got so many fun, and beautiful gifts. First we started off with an orientation, where they talked about what we are going to do this week. We then moved along to collect our sash from our province. I was super excited for that part, because it meant I got to own a second sash. I want to take the time to thank each sponsor individually as I continue this post!

All the lovely gifts I received from sponsors!





Posing for the camera, with Samantha Pierre



Nine West Canada

Amazing shoes provided by Nine West

Huge shoutout to Nine West Canada, they are the official shoe sponsor this week.They have been kind enough to sponsor the girls with super cute heels for rehearsals and the competition night! I love their shoes for many reason. They are very fashionable, tons of different styles, and most importantly they are extremely comfortable. I can confidently say that all the girls are very excited to compete in them!

Archer Dental

Me and my pageant sister excited about Archer Dental

Thank you to Archer dental, for providing us with the tools, to have a beautiful white smile throughout the week. Us pageant girls are constantly in the spotlight; for appearances, photo shoots, and even social media. That being said its super important for us to have the proper dental hygiene and show off our beautiful smiles!

Golden Glamour Goddesses

I would like to thank Golden Glamour Goddesses. They generously gave all the girls some shea body butter and soap, and because of them we will have shiny flawless skin throughout the week!


Modelling one of their watches that they will sponsor to the new Miss Teenage Canada









Our next wonderful sponsor is Uptothetime. They surprised all the girls with some cute necklaces. In my bag I got a super cute gold necklace with a pendant in the shape of a circles, with shiny stones all around. We also got the opportunity to model some fun coloured watches for them. The winner of Miss Teenage Canada will be going home with a watch of their choice!

Street Chic

Me and Lily Liao for street chic magazine

Lots of love sent towards Street Chic!!!! Not only did they give us the opportunity last week to feature on their magazine, but they gave us girls really darling earrings. I also had the opportunity to speak with Lily Liao from street chic, and take a photo together.

Me and Samantha Rapping!!!!

Delicious cake that was brought for the girls.

As for other sponsors of the event, I didn’t get to attend their table because I ended up doing a rap duet, with Samantha Pierre 2016 Miss Teenage Canada, and we used the microphone provided by wandering minstrel music school.

Overall the entire event was a huge success, and it was a lovely opportunity. I have to say the cake in the end was definitely the icing on top of it all! It was a wonderful way to begin our week for Miss Teenage Canada!

Thank you for following along my three blog assignments, xxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxox
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Stay fabulous …….
Nicole Miss Teenage South Central Ontario

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Hi everyone!!!!! I’m back again, and this time with really exciting news. I’ve just finished my second blog assignment for Miss Teenage Canada, and so far this one has been my favorite. We were lucky enough, to team up with a new online Canadian Fashion look-book style magazine called “Street Chic.” It is edited by the lovely Lily Liao, and created “by the people for the people.” Our tasks were to show what we thought were the best fashions on-the-street, and interview the people asking details about what they were wearing. When I first heard what we were doing, I was super excited for the opportunity. Not only do we get to team up with a magazine, but we also get to cover the topic of fashion! Waking up this morning, to see my article published on their site, was so amazing. It felt so rewarding to see the finished product, after all my hard work. Here is a little sneak peek of the process I went through to accomplish my article… enjoy!!!!

I ventured out into Toronto, on what I thought was the most appropriate street. I choose Young street, as it’s one of the longest in Canada. This meant I was bound to find unique styles. Obviously I wasn’t going to walk that whole street, so I narrowed down my location to which I thought was the most appropriate. I wanted to put a spin on things, so I decided to stay near the gym I workout at every day. Hence my name of the assignment “Fashion to Fitness.” I tried basing this experience towards my platform of “Empowering people through physical activity.” I wanted to capture the look, of people dressing fashionable at work, but able to easily change and keep a healthy lifestyle, by going to work out. Some of the people I interviewed worked out that same day, while others had different set days that they go to the gym.

Mary, in a dress bought in Italy from Blue Lagoon

I will be honest with you; the process wasn’t easy, as I stayed scouting for maybe four hours. A lot of the people were not comfortable with having their picture posted online, and I of course respected that. But no surprise, I didn’t let that stop me. I kept staying there and approaching all the people I could. That’s

Jamin.. a personal trainer, showering off his best accessory his fit figure!

our job as pageant girls isn’t it, we need to be able to approach the public and find ways to complete all tasks no matter what set-backs we have. I then had the fun idea of making a small survey for the models, asking them questions regarding both fitness and fashion. Then to sum it up at the end they talked to me about their outfits, where they had purchased them, and they also described the look they had.

Brianna, her favorite fitness is zumba, and she is wearing a top from bluenotes, and hand bag from Balta, and shoes from Ardene!!


Giana goes to the gym 4 times per week. she is wearing a top from H&M, shorts from Zara, and cute Nike athletic trainers.

One thing I had noticed was a lot of people from their workplace, were going to the gym on their lunch break. I saw them walk into the gym fashionable, and leave just as beautiful. This was an important sight to see, because it showed it’s easy to live a healthy lifestyle, but be well dressed at the same time. Being active is very rewarding, giving you confidence, and a sense of achievement. In fact you don’t always have to have the most elaborate clothing and accessories. When you are happy in your own skin, having a strong and healthy body that is the best accessories you can have!  Therefore there shouldn’t be anything stopping us from being active!

I really enjoyed seeing the fashion Toronto has to offer. The trends seem to change all the time, and it’s very interesting to see people’s artistic style come out, and put a spin of their own on today’s fashion. It’s important for you to be yourself, and to rock what you wear as if you are walking on your own runway! I was really impressed, because I thought the models I had, really showcased that.

Remember as I always tell you, be fabulous!!!!!! And this time I mean it!

It’s time to say goodbye for a few days, but I will be back for my final blog assignment.

Please be sure to check out my published article on the street chic website and also browse through their lovely page!!!!

Fashion to Fitness in Downtown Toronto

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Thank you all,



Miss Teenage South Central Ontario

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  • Ciao!!!!!! The countdown is almost coming to an end, and there are less than two weeks until the fun packed, Miss Teenage Canada week begins! That being said, there are so many things that have to get done, packing, final stages of practicing, and lastly blog assignments! We have been assigned three of them, so stay tuned these days for some exciting things 🙂

The first blog assignment is about a place we love in our region. As you all know, not only am I proud to be a Canadian, but I am even more proud to be a Torontonian! Toronto is such a beautiful city, with so many wonderful things to offer. We have an incredible skyline, breath taking attractions; such as the “CN Tower, and Air Canada center,” and one of my favorites is our delicious cuisine, with different foods from all over the world. I think that the most important thing that makes Toronto so special, is our diversity of cultures in the community. We like to embrace these cultures by having so many different festivals! This is why I have to say my favorite place in Toronto, is Mel Lastman square!!!!! It’s a public square at the North York Civic Center, and is named after the former North York mayor, Mel Lastman.

center of Mel Lastman square

Mel Lastman Square entrance

Inside the square is a wonderful park, with 20,000 square feet of open space, as well as an outdoor amphitheater, fountains, a garden court, and a reflecting pool.  In the square throughout the year they have special events, where they showcase music, art, dancing, food, theater, and even sports. Every summer in the outdoor theater, they feature Sunday Serenades jazz concerts. They also hold the RBC run for the kids, farmers markets, and my favorite is their huge Canada day celebration every year, filled with hundreds of fireworks! Fun fact, the first time I went to a Canada day celebration in this square, it was the moment I fell in love with the location. These events are planned by the cities, various cultural groups for every season, and they organize such memorable occasions. I especially love how this

street vendors in the square, on a saturday afternoon

location, really celebrates the meaning of our city, because

Amphitheater performance during the Aloha festival

we get to embrace so many different cultures with all the different festivals. We also get to appreciate and enjoy a variety in styles of arts. Doing all of this is a result of bringing our community together as one, to all appreciate the same things.  For me that is such a cool experience!

Mel Lastman Square isn’t always a busy place holding events every day, it is primarily a quiet and peaceful area, where people come to relax, sit, and socialize. A lot of the Toronto workers, enjoy coming on their lunch break, and eating in the fresh air. The square is kept very clean and designed nicely for the public to enjoy, with many different shrubs, planters, trees, and wooden benches surrounding the area. They can also listen and enjoy watching the artificial stream that runs from a fountain under a large sign at Young Street, into a big concrete square. Right in the center of the of the square is a large pond, it is placed there to watch and enjoy as a focal point in the summer. Then in our cold Canadian winters, it is used as a skating rink, where you can have fun and enjoy a warm hot chocolate after. Maybe that’s where some of our Canadian hokey champions grew up and skated!

The fountain, where workers like to sit by for lunch

The beautiful pond, which is also a skating rink in the winter

peaceful Mel Lastman square during the week

As you have read in this blog, there are so many different purposes for Mel Lastman Square, and I strongly think it’s a place you should go, and experience with your family for yourself! I have so many fond memories there, and I can’t wait to take my own family and kids too when I grow up, so I can create new memories!

Thank you for reading about my favorite place in Toronto…..

Stay fabulous friends 🙂



Miss Teenage South Central Ontatio

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Inspiring the future generation of our world!!!!…… That is the message I want to send across in my blog today! The way you Choose to inspire them is up to you, I choose to do so through physical activity!
A few weeks ago I had the opportunity in going back to my first ever elementary school to speak to all the children, as well as raise money for WE free the children. I took every class one by one and invited them into the gym, to sit down and listen to my presentation. It was about who I am, my life journey, bringing awareness towards the charity…… But lastly, the most important message I tried to get across, like I’ve mentioned before, was encouraging all the children to be physically active! Not only I talked to them about all the benefits you gain from being active, but we also did a fun activity in the end. I created a game called active bingo!!!!! I chose from a cup of cards one number which they had to find on their bingo cards and cross out, along with the number they had to do an exercise that I choose from another cup…..The first team to get a line would call bingo!!!!! Every kid was participating and it was really nice to see them all involved!
At the end some kids would run to me and give me hugs, others would ask for my autograph, tell me beautiful compliments, and ask for selfies. It was such an a
Incredible experience to have them all look up to me, and have the power to impact their views on a proper lifestyle.

My presentation to the Children

The kids playing active bingo

At the last recess of the day, some lovely student helpers and I sold ice cream sandwiches for a toonie. All proceeds that were raised went to the charity WE free the children. We sold on three different days, and at the end we all enjoyed some ice cream for ourselves.

Selling Ice cream cookies for WE free the children



I also returned to the school the following week, for a school wide competition I had organized. I split all the kids in the school into three different categories; kindergarten, primary and junior. When I called each group separately to the front of the gym, all the kids interested to participate would stand up, and when I called GO they all had to hop on one leg for as long as they could. When I saw one that wasn’t able to do it anymore I would tap them on the shoulder and they would take a seat. The last child standing would win a brand new tennis racquet! There were three racquets for me to give away.

The tennis racquet prizes for the school competition

Seeing all the kids participating and working so hard was such an amazing thing to see, but the best part was the other two categories that were waiting. They were cheering on the kids in the competition….. The noise level in the gym was above and beyond loud, but it was something I will never forget. When we would come down to the final two kids the school would surround themselves in a circle around them, and cheer. The amount of determination you would see in the finalists face, was another level, and they were giving everything they had to get that tennis racquet. My favourite part was in the end when the winner would realize they were the last one standing, and you saw pure happiness in their eyes, that they actually did it! That look they had in their eyes, reminded me of the feeling I would get when I win a tennis match. It’s a feeling of validation, where if you work hard, it pays off! That for me, is the reason I play tennis. Everyday I get to work hard and do what I love, and when I am successful at what I do I feel so incredible inside.


The kids hopping on one leg, and me encouraging them

All the kids involved getting ready to be active !

I loved every single moment of my school appearance. So far every second in this journey, has been a new experience for me, and I am learning so much every step of the way. It is something exciting and empowering, and very different from my usual tennis life. I loved inspiring the future generation, in fact one of the coolest things happened to me shortly after the event. Some of the kids wrote to me on social media, to tell me that they appreciate what I did, and they were inspired in wanting to be active like me ….. For me that’s all I could ever ask for, in my reign. In that moment I got that sense of achievement that I was talking about before! I cannot wait to give back to the community again in the future, and I certainly cannot wait for Miss Teenage Canada this summer!
I will speak to you all soon, and thank you for following along as always!

The kids were insprired by who I was, and my accomplishments and asked for my autograph


Remember to keep staying Fabulous!!!!


Nicole Miss Teenage South Central Ontario

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Me being super random with a giant bowling pin

Hi again everybody!!!!!! I hope you all finished your spring 2017 on a good note…. I have to say that there was no better ending to my spring then the one I had. On Saturday, June 17 2017, I organized my very own, first fundraising event at Henry Farm Tennis Club! The location I had picked was one that held a special place in my heart, it was where I grew up before as a child and spent countless hours training on those tennis courts. That being said, when I went back and approached the community with my proposal to hold an event there, they so generously agreed because I had known them for so many years, and they all watched me grow up into a young adult.

posters about WE free the children, and Miss Teenage Canada

The flyer the community created for my event.

The name of the event was, Tennis Day with Miss Teenage South Central Ontario. It was a day for bringing families together, in a fun atmosphere, where everyone enjoyed cardio tennis and different games, while accomplishing what my platform is, being physically active!!!! To raise money we sold food for $5.00 a plate, as well as beverages and snacks, a selection of prizes to be won, and at the end of the event we had a silent auction. All the proceeds from the event we raised were for “WE Free the Children” the charity of choice for Miss Teenage Canada.


yummy snacks for sale that day

Overall I have to say that the event was a huge success, so many families and people of all ages attended; kids, adults, and seniors. I loved meeting all the people from the community and having a chance to not only speak with them, but also to play tennis with them. That was my main

Silent auction table

goal for the day, encouraging everyone to get up and play tennis! In the beginning of the event, I gave a speech talking about how important it is to be active and the benefits you gain from it! I could definitely say I was active that day, considering how much i was running around. First I started greeting everyone when they entered in the club. I also made sure to spend some time with the younger kids, I placed cones on the court with prizes hidden under, then started feeding them balls and watching their excitement when they hit the cones and claimed their prize. I then moved onto playing some short matches with the seniors, and laughing a bit with them. I was really pleased how everything was going so smoothly, especially with the weather…. It was such a hot day; you could tell summer was approaching, because the humidity levels were extremely high. They had called for rain that entire day so I wasn’t complaining that the weather was holding up!

Announcing silent auction winners

Feeding balls and playing games with the kids!

Toronto Councillor, Shelley Carroll and I

One of the big highlights, to my event, was an appearance from our Toronto city councilor; Shelley Carroll! I have known her since I was a little girl, and she congratulated me in everything I accomplished with my tennis career, and pageant success these years. I also had the honor of playing an exhibition match in front of her and all the other guests with my lovely brother as my partner. It was fun to showcase my skills to everyone and entertain them with tennis. The moment I finished the match it started to pour rain, to the point where they had called a hurricane warning! How lucky was I to be able to complete my whole event and immediately after it started to rain?

My brother and I before the exhibition match

Everyone watching during the exhibition match

This was the first time I have organized something like this, and I must say that I am so proud of myself. My whole life I will remember how I have accomplished to hold my own fundraising event. I have barely started the journey in my reign, and I already feel I have gained so much, being able to give back to the community. I have had such an amazing experience, and it feels so incredible, seeing all the smiles on everyone’s faces. I am truly enjoying every moment.  I had so much fun that day, and I just want to take a moment to thank everyone that had attended, but most of all I send a huge thanks to all the volunteers that helped out! Without them this would have never been possible! I hope to make my community proud when I compete this august in miss teenage Canada!!!!

some of the lovely people from the community who attended my event

Thank you guys once again for taking the time to read my blog, and supporting me 🙂






Remember to stay fabulous!!!! I will speak to you all very soon….



Miss Teenage South Central Ontario

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Hi everyone…. Its Nicole here again! A few months have passed since I’ve last posted on my blog, and I have to say that I missed you all <3 These last few weeks, so many dreams had come true for me and I got to experience moments that I have dreamed of my entire life. Being able to share all of this with you and give you the chance to live through it on the blog is truly special. Hope you enjoy!


On February 18th I had the opportunity in making my first appearance as Miss Teenage South Central Ontario! (Still so crazy to me that I can call myself that, haven’t gotten used to it yet.) I was invited to participate in a Tennis Exhibition among four other professional tennis players. The special guests invited were all ranked inside of either the WTA or ATP top 100, they have won thousands of matches between them, and one had two Grand Slam Doubles Titles under her belt!  We were showcasing for children of all ages as well as adults, the importance of physical activity, and also showing them how fun it is! We talked with the people, took pictures, as well as entertain a bit, by playing some tennis for them. This was one example of a dream come true for me. I had always watched Professional tennis players as a little girl in front of my TV and dreamed to practice with them, and eventually compete against them one day, and on February 18th 2017 that’s exactly what I did! Given my platform of inspiring women through physical activity and tennis background this was the perfect event for me; I had so much fun, and felt so good to empower all those people….. I can’t wait to attend more events like this in the future!

Tennis Event with the Professionals and some kids

Me and the WTA and ATP professional tennis players at the exhibition charity event











As promised in the past. I am going to bring you all along on the other side of my life, the side where I live out of a suitcase to become a tennis player. Towards the end of March I got to travel all the way to………. Get ready for this……… Egypt Sharm El Sheik!!!!!!!!!! I was lucky enough to go and compete in three $15,000 ITF Pro Circuit events. It was so crazy and different across the other side of the world! I got to experience a new language,

The Beach In Egypt

and even learn a few words, one of them being “habibi” a word used for close friends. The weather there was exceptional, and I was so pleased to find out that the sea was like a five minute walk from the resort and tennis courts. One of the really cool parts of travelling to new tournaments is all the new friends I got to make, on the court they are your

Me in Sharm El Sheik, Soho Square

opponents and we are all there to win, but at night we all eat dinner together, then we play cards and laugh with each other for hours. Being able to visit Egypt was a dream of mine, and by working hard every day to be able to compete at that professional level I was able to fulfill that dream.




Europe time!

Next up on my calendar was two weeks in Portugal!!!! The trip didn’t start off too great unfortunately, because I arrived

Brigadeiro yummmm!!

at the airport to soon find out they had lost my bag, and  would wait a few days for it. This wasn’t the first time this has happened to me so “travel tip of the day: always take two emergency outfits with you in a carry-on!” The tournament had taken place in an area called Obidos, about one hour from Lisbon. The first seven days was pretty rough because it rained for 7 days non-stop! (No I’m not kidding…)  So during that time me and my friends decided to explore, we got to see the Obidos castle, where the 2017 Chocolate Festival was, every athlete’s dream place! That’s where I discovered my new favorite dessert called Brigadeiro. We also drove to Lisbon, and got to ride around, in their famous street trams; stopping in the center we visited the Praca Do Comercio. After taking in the beautiful sites and capturing hundreds of photos we decided it was time to go eat. We visited, the world famous Time Out Market, which is a place with all different chefs and different cuisines.

Praca Do Comercio in Lisbon

Chocolate Festival In Obidos









As a tennis player, you usually don’t have much time to see places, so in a way I was lucky it rained, but at the end of the day I was there for one reason and that was my tennis! This week was truly the biggest dream come true for me…. I would say it was the greatest moment in my entire tennis career so far. I had partnered up with a former top 200 WTA player and played doubles with her. The tournament was played on a carpet surface and it was really fast and weird to play the matches on. We ended up winning our match, and that was now one of three matches that I won main draw meaning, I have officially got my professional tennis ranking! Something I have dreamed my whole life of happening. Now I don’t have to say I am transitioning to becoming a professional tennis player, I can now say that I am one! It’s currently at 1284 but I am going to keep working hard and slowly build it to become higher!

Me Competing in a Professional Tennis Tournament

The last stop for me was Rome, Italy! Ever since I was little this was my dream destination, I always dreamed to speak Italian, which I am currently studying, and I was always in love with everything Italian….i trained there for two weeks and also visited a few places. I got to see the Fontana Di Trevi, and I will say it is number one for the most beautiful thing I’ve seen in my life, it was surreal. I also visited Piazza Di Spagna, the Pantheon, the Roman Forum, Monumento A Vittorio Emanuele, The  Arch of Constantine and the Coliseum. Everything was so breathtaking, and full of history. One of my favorite things in Rome was the food, all the gelato, pizza, and different kinds of pasta, was beyond incredible, I never ate so much food in my life!


Italian Pizza

Arch of Constantine

The beautiful Coliseum

Fontana Di Trevi




















There aren’t enough words to describe the adventures I’ve experienced these past two months, I am so thankful for it all. I really feel that I grew as a person and learned so much from travelling all alone, I realized that if you keep working hard in life dreams do come true, because in these last weeks I’ve had so many of mine come true! I am so happy to share these moments that are so special to me with you guys, and I thank you for following my journey!

I can write to you guys all day long, but it’s now time to say Ciao!!!! If you guys ever have any questions let me know and comment down below!

Remember to stay fabulous <3


Nicole…. Miss Teenage South Central Ontario

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The beginning to a new chapter in my life….

Pageant sisters

Pageant sisters

Nicole here, guess who just received their blogging page! I am your new Miss Teenage South Central Ontario for 2017 🙂 I’m super excited to share my journey up to the Miss teenage Canada competition, be sure to bookmark my page and follow me along the way!

About me

I am from the beautiful Toronto Ontario, and have lived their my whole life. Being a city girl I love Toronto, and all the hustle and bustle that comes along with it. I’ve just recently turned 18 years young, and I am currently in 12th grade. My biggest passion in life is tennis. I have been playing since the age of five, and I intend to play for the rest of my life. I am currently transitioning from a junior, into a professional tennis player. I love traveling, seeing all the beautiful countries in the world, experiencing different cultures, hearing new languages and my favourite eating soooo much food! When I entered this pageant, and was told to pick a platform, I instantly knew I wanted it to be around sports, “empowering women through physical activity.” Being active is something I do on a daily basis, and the benefits I’ve gained from it are really amazing. On my page, I will post so many different things. Mainly being the adventures in my reign, all the appearances, how I intend to inspire and help others, and you will also have a closer look on a big part of my life, the journey in my tennis career!

Miss Teenage Ontario Pageant

The fun packed weekend began at sign in. At first walking in I was nervous, not knowing what to expect, but I guess that was pretty normal considering it was my first pageant ever. Those nerves went away quickly when I saw how friendly all the girls were, as well as all the other kind people who helped make the event possible. In those first moments I met my first pageant
“sister,” the one who was going on to win Miss teenage Halton! She was one of the younger competitors, but you couldn’t even tell with how mature and confident she was right from the start. We stuck by each other’s side from the beginning till the end learning everything, from walking, talking, posing, and dancing. Together we were encouraging each other, as well as freaking out together!

Soon enough it was time for the big show, everyone back stage had their minds filled with so many different emotions. Mine really kicked in when it was time for the opening number. I remember it was my turn to walk out on stage, I saw all those people that came for the show, which then caused a hugeeeee rush of adrenaline. To top it all I saw my friends and family sitting right in front of the area where I was on stage! I had to walk off after my first part and I remember laughing and saying to Miss Teenage Canada 2016: “wow I feel sick in my stomach.” From that moment, when I went back on stage, all those nerves went away. I realized we were all so beautiful that night, we were lucky to be there, so I said to myself: “I should be excited and confident to show off what I’ve worked on.”

Backstage was a mix of two things: absolute madness with girls rushing to make it for their next number, and a party atmosphere; every time we finished an event we would go behind the stage and take as many pictures with each other as we could, to be able to remember those moments. We would dance and sing along to the music being played on the stage. You could really tell that every single girl was so happy and proud of themselves; getting up on that stage doing what we did, took a lot of courage. So, we felt empowered…. At least, I did.

Group selfie with everyone backstage!

The night eventually was coming to an end, and it was time for crowning. I was with the future Miss teenage Halton, and future Miss teenage Waterloo. We were saying to one another how badly we all wanted each other to get a title, so we can be together at Nationals, and if we hear each other’s names we will freak out! When we went back on stage, contestant’s numbers were being called and previous winners were coming to award them with a crown and a bouquet of flowers. Miss teenage Waterloo was called, then I heard Miss teenage Halton called, and I got so excited. As they kept calling names there were only two spots left and I wasn’t called yet; (yes at this moment I was freaking out), then all of a sudden I heard my name, I had all these emotions running through me, and I was so proud and happy. When I looked over to my parents, both of them were with the biggest smile I’ve ever seen on their faces, which made me feel even more special inside. The moment all the finalists were announced I tried to look for my closest pageant sisters and we gave each other the biggest hug, we went through the whole process together and to able to celebrate with them, was unreal.

My crowning moment

My crowning moment

Of course many responsibilities come along with this title…. Starting with, promoting our platforms; mine is: inspiring women through physical activity. We also will be raising for the pageants charity of choice. I was honoured to be chosen as a finalist and I can’t wait to represent my community, and help everyone around me! The one thing my parents have taught me and I’ve valued my whole life is to always be kind no matter what, to be able to do good deeds every day of my life and I really hope to achieve even more of that in 2017. I’m new at doing these blogs, but hey…, it’s all about trying new things!

Make sure to follow along with me and the journeys I will encounter through this reign, as well as all the other Miss Teenage Canada contestants!

I’ll speak to you all soon. Remember to Be Fabulous!
Miss Teenage South Central Ontario 🙂

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First selfie with my room mate, Ariel!

On Sunday, July 17th, I began my week of competing for the Miss Teenage Canada title. After a morning of preparations and commuting, and then arriving to the hotel for 4pm, I eagerly travelled to the 12th floor to meet the 53 other delegates from across Canada. After a brief welcome party, our rooms and roommates were assigned. I’m so happy to be sharing a room with the beautiful Miss Teenage British Columbia: Ariel! But the meeting fun didn’t end there. At 7:30pm, we all left our rooms for the opening night party!


Welcome Sponsor Party


That evening on the 12th floor of the Holiday Inn International Airport, you could find elegantly dressed delegates and chaperones, the gorgeous 2015 Miss Teenage Canada – Sarah Wojcik, and the generous sponsors of Miss Teenage Canada. After a few hugs and pictures, I began my tour around the sponsor tables.


Golden Glamour Goddess
Being a full time training dancer, I spend my mornings to evenings inside of a studio sheltered by the sunlight. So how does that make my skin look? Well, if you look up the movie Twilight, you can compare me to the lead actress, Bella. I’m not the only girl who has ever entered a pageant with this, or a similar, situation, though thanks to Golden Glamour Goddess, no one would be able to even guess we are sun-deprived. Golden Glamour Goddess is sponsoring spray tans – a tan brings out definition, which sculpts a body’s physique. Thank you Golden Glamour Goddess for looking out for us!


Golden Glamour Goddess were gifting two products to choose from: a body butter and a self tanner

Additionally, they are sponsoring eyelash extensions, and I personally was spoiled with a welcome gift – a body butter that smells absolutely delicious. Eyelash extensions are super convenient to have when considering the time saved from having to fix up eyelashes for early morning outings. (Yay for more sleep). Safe to say, although maybe also cheesy, Golden Glamour Goddess doesn’t fail to make us delegated feel like golden, glamorous goddesses!

V.P.I. Canada
Next stop was V.P.I Canada. Know when you’re VPI Canada logooutside, and you get inspired to take a photo? And then you feel so great while having your photo taken, but seeing the result doesn’t add up? Why? Because you were squinting!


Loving my purple/turtoise Boléro Round Frame Polarized Sunglasses (613) glasses! Good news: they’re only $54.99, excluding shipping and handing, online! It’s time you too have stylish yet still very protective glasse

Well, this has been the story of my life because I have never been able to find a pair of sunglasses that suit my face. But that journey ends now – thanks to V.P.I Canada! I absolutely love my new Boléro Round Frame Polarized Sunglasses! Thank you #VPICanadaLTD for sponsoring us all designer sunglasses. I’m so excited to wear my #sunnies outside when we go touring throughout the week.






Nuvango logo

Did someone say clothes? Clothes are one of a girls best friends – and Nuvango sure upped my friends list! Thank you #Nuvango for sponsoring the Miss Teenage Canada delegates with these unique pieces of clothing.


Do you recognize these paintings?

Fun fact: Did you know that Nuvango’s clothes are inspired by artists from all over? Now THAT’s unique, and definitely a great way to stand out in the fashion industry.

I’m so excited to experience the #nuvangostyle first hand as we will be visiting their headquarters closer to noon today!

Sweets Canada

Sweets Canada logo - new 2016I go through so many phases, many involving food! Once, I was obsessed with white chocolate. Over indulging in that lead me to liking milk chocolate. More overindulging sparked happy taste buds for dark chocolate. But now what? Do the chocolate limits cap at those three kinds mixed with some wafers and peanut butter? Not in Sweets Canada’s eyes. Sam Dhutia from Sweets Canada was at the party constantly re-sparking my love for chocolate. With very unique flavours – like dark chocolate lavender, and banana caramel cinnamon bars, my tastebuds were never tired of sampling. The happiness didn’t stop there – on my way to another booth, I opened the gift bag from Sweets Canada and saw gourmet chocolate bars and Q’Bites! Thank you Sam for being so generous – chocolate is surely going to help sweeten me up for the week ahead!


So honoured to have gotten to know Sam and the delicious chocolates he sells. Be sure to check out the banana caramel cinnamon bar – absolutely delicious!

The edible flower bar I received in my welcome bag was flavoured “Dark Chocolate Matcha Green with Jasmine Petals”. As tempting as it is to eat it all at once, I’m planning on continuing to savour it little by little throughout the week in order for this great taste to last for as long as possible. I also received a package of white chocolate cashews. I absolutely love cashews, so am saving this treat for celebrating after nationals. (Again, the temptation may be too strong to wait much longer).


Bradlee Ryall Golf AcademyFORE!

Bradlee Ryall Golf Academy helped to make Monday’s Sponsor Party extra exciting, giving each delegate the opportunity to play some mini golf throughout the evening. To make things the most exciting, they were holding a contest: whoever could get a hole-in-one in every round wins a Nuvango shirt.


I was just shy of a whole in one, cutting off my chances of winning another amazing Nuvango shirt! All the more reason to go back tomorrow in order to keep practicing

Although indoor mini-putt cannot get too dangerous, there were definitely a few strong swings swung throughout the game (try saying that 10 times fast). In the end, Shawna W was the lucky hitter, swinging her way to a hole-in-one victory and a designer shirt.

But the contests don’t end there. Bradlee Ryall Golf Academy is giving the delegates a few group lessons on two different courses tomorrow. Afterward, the two highest scorers after playing a one-hole golf game will win golf jackets from SWING active wear!

I’m so excited to go putting again tomorrow!

Archer’s Arena
First we ducked from flying golf balls, and
then we ran from arrows. Okay, us delegates weren’t that uncoordinated, Archers Arena logo  however we are all excited to further our practice in archery. #ArchersArena brought a big bow and arrow (with a giant marshmallow on the sharp end) that I realized I was eventually holding wrong! I’m glad to be visiting the Archery Tag in Toronto at Archers Arena on Thursday July 21st to better practice my skills. Who knows, maybe we’ll play #combatarchery, #archerytag, or #gameoffoam?


“I think I’m holding this wrong?” “Well, that’s why we’ll be teaching you the proper way on Thursday!” Thanks Archer’s Arena!



Saying hello to Rob – our social media judge!

social media ggregator hashtagioWho loves hashtags? We love hashtags! In this generation, we live, love, and hashtag 24-7. Hashtagio is helping us delegates stay up to date with this generation’s trends by publishing our social media tweets, likes and instagrams tagged with #MissTeenageCanada2016, and even sharing it on the big screen during our live events. Hashtagio is a Social Media Aggregator and User Generated Marketing Platform. Not only will we be able to see our phone-sized photo blown up before our eyes, but so will our parents and other followers! By clicking this single feed URL, any followers can join the Miss Teenage Canada journey. Fortunately, these memories will stay with us forever, with a mass of our posts being archived on all things Miss Teenage Canada related.

Storia PR. Inc
It is amazing to be living the experience of a 2016 Storia PRMiss Teenage Canada delegate. From the friendships, to the training, to the events, to the generous gifts – I can’t express my gratitude for all of the support and love we are receiving. But don’t just leave it up to us delegates to enjoy this experience. A more current way to be apart of our daily adventures is to follow StoriaPR!


Archer Dental
Each delegate will be supplied with their archer dental logo very own high quality Oral B traveler’s toothbrush specially monogrammed from Archer Dental!

Rimmel London
A girl can never have too much makeup, and hearing that RIMMEL LondonRimmel London will be providing all of us delegates some products for our welcome bags just exploded glitter in my stomach. On top of that, Rimmel London is further spoiling us delegates by setting up a make-up station at the welcome party.

Sally Hansen
Sponsoring gifts for our welcome bags, Sally Hansen Sally Hansenknows just how important it is to always look100% when going for a pageant title!

Bata Shoe Museum

Bata Shoe MuseumIt was on May 6th, 21 years ago, 3217 Bloor St West, Toronto became the home of the Bata Shoe Museum (BSM). Housing thousands of shoes and related artifacts, the #batashoemuseum is the perfect place to learn and appreciate the history of shoes.

Especially as pageant contestants, who spend their days walking in high fashion shoes, it is important to know the history of what adds those extra inches to our height. This is why I am so excited to be visiting the BSM today! Search my title on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram and click “follow/like” in order to share the exciting with me!

Fishd By EDO
Did you know that Fishd by EDO brought the first sushi burrito to Canada through making them at other restaurants? Sushi and burritos are two of my favourite foods, so how amazing does a sushi filled burrito sound!? TOO AMAZING! Thank you FishD by EDO for bringing this to Canada, and for sponsoring us delegates as we compete for the crown. So privileged to be sponsored by such a unique company.

Yogen Früz
The perfect place to satisfy that “I want something Yogen Fruz logounhealthy but still want to eat healthy”? craving.


I also want to thank Miss Teenage Canada for the Ontario sash, and MTC t-shirt and hat. I’m really looking forward to wearing them all!


I left the party with so many goodies! Thank you Miss Teenage Canada and sponsors for spoiling us on the first day. I’m looking forward to the remainder of the week!

Well, as mentioned, today we will be visiting Nuvango and BSM. However, much more activities are planned in the schedule that will kept as surprises for us. Stay tuned, and follow me on social media, to hear all about the great events and surprises!



Miss Teenage South Central Ontario 2016

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